Current Exhibitions - Center for Visual Arts

Opposites Attract Exhibition
Main Gallery
October 6 - November 16, 2017
This show opens in conjuction with a campus wide Open House

The concept of balance is necessary for a “successful” work of art. Movement, dynamism and energy compliment the quiet, subdued and calm. Artists are asked to look for elements or concepts that establish visual harmony in a work of art. Visual tension captivates us to watch the sparks fly!

Award Winners

Best of Show
“Riding out the Storm” - Joseph Holtzman

1st Place
“Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny” - Joel Shapses

2nd Place
“Impression, Travel, Creation” - Mila Apperlo

3rd Place
“This Side Up” - Robert E. Sherry Jr

4th Place
“Sunyata” - Gene Masters Salerno

5th Place
“Bag Lady’s Bag” - Barbara Ellis

6th Place
“He Flutters My Feathers” - Shirley W. Blake

Award of Merit
“Untitled I” - Sandy Lawson

Ted de Clercq Exhibition
Tranovich Gallery
October 6 - November 16, 2017

Ted de Clercq is a native of Quebec. He has exhibited in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlanta, New York and throughout Florida, including Miami, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Sanibel Island and Naples. He is widely known for his ability to paint photo-realistic works of notorious icons viewed in an historical context with references from the 20th century. He also produces sweeping landscapes, imaginative figurative paintings, and nude and semi-nude sculptures and drawings. Whatever medium Ted de Clercq uses, it is always stamped with his own unique and visually stunning style.

Current Exhibition - Center for Performing Arts

The Art of Bean, Camargo and Pascovici
August 24 - October 14, 2017

These three artists believe in the power of arts education and self-expression. That is why in one way or another, each of them has dedicated their life to the arts. Kathleen Bean was a public school art teacher and has seen the transformation of young minds through the power of the arts. Her sculptures display a range of expression and freedom through their witty personalities, narratives and gestures. Hilarion Camargo is an accomplished puppeteer who teaches students how to make and perform with their creations. Alexander Pascovici has successfully re-invented himself many times but has found his most rewarding accomplishments in his poetry and abstract paintings. Don’t miss this exhibition loaded with color and whimsy!